Mesurements and Tracking Service

Browsers read user-agents to decide how best to render a webpage.
This can cause websites to act differently depending on the browser & device used to display them.
Measurement and tracking services can help you to access the growth and development of your business over a period of time.
Hence we at LAU Digital Marketing provide you with various measurement and tracking services like traffic source analysis, visitor behaviour analysis and content analysis.

User Task Analysis
The most important and obvious thing to test for is whether users are able to accomplish their tasks and goals when they come to your site. Not only that, you have to ensure they're able to do so in the best and most efficient way possible.

The first thing that must be done is determine what the core user tasks are. For example, in a blog, some critical user tasks are reading blog posts, being able to find older posts and leaving comments.

Perform a task analysis for each task. Evaluate task performance under these considerations from LAU Digital Marketing:

  • Analytics setup
  • Goal setup and tracking
  • Traffic source analysis
  • Visitor behaviour analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Website usability analysis
  • Increased conversions
  • Online audience analysis
Measurement & Tracking
Measurement and tracking services are important, as they directly measure the growth of business or online exposure that the company gets. It is must to know how campaigns or marketing tactics are performing. It is only after the measurement of results of certain activity, a person can decide upon development plans to be carried out in future. It shall always be kept in mind that measurement is crucial for success. It could be used to design road map. More important is to know what to measure. Ebriks Infotech not only helps you in measuring the results, but also helps you determine the right parameters to measure the growth. It puts you in better position to manage performance.

The specialist would give you detailed analyses of direct navigation, referral traffic and search traffic along with improvement statistics over a period of time. LAU Digital Marketing assists you upon following activities:

  • Measurement and tracking activities
  • Deciding what to measure
  • Setting targets for business growth
  • Measurement and customers
  • Measurement of financial performance
Website Speed
One factor of usability that's not completely evident is the need for a website to be speedy and responsive. In fact, web users deeply care about how fast they’re able to get the information they need. The better performing a website is, the more efficient a user will be when completing his desired tasks.

Here are considerations for evaluating the speed of a website:

Webpage Response Time: How fast (in units of time, such as milliseconds) does it take to load an entire webpage?

Webpage Size: How big is the webpage, in terms of file size?

Code Quality: Does the website use web development best practices for website performance?



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Mesurements and Tracking Service

First impression is the last impression.�LAU Digital Marketing�helps you to create and retain that attention-grabbing first impression by crafting compelling websites, Read More...